Floor plans get reults. Over 75% of buyers surveyed think floor plans are essential before looking at property. Surveyed customers found floor plans to be equally, if not more important, then property photos alone. Most people will not purchase a home if it is not layed out in a way that makes them comfortable. This key feature to your listing will also eliminate uneccassary showings of your home with potentail buyers just wanting to get a better look at the homes layout. Less traffic means a greater privacy and fewer strangers entering your occupied home.

These floor plans are completely interactive and allow users to re-arrange furnishings, landscape and to render 3D photos that can be printed out for review. Hot spots can be added allowing viewers to see actual room overviews of the area they would be standing in. Creating the floor plan takes less then an hour in your home and can be included as part of your virtual tour or as a stand along link directly from your MLS listing. The best part of this feature is that it is totally affordable!

Go here to see a working demo of an interactive floor plan.